A Case Study Of MRSA Infection

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A case study of MRSA infection



There are numerous disorders prevalent in our society. Depending on the immunity of individual, they get infected or escape the infection. The infections of diseases can be different types of viral infection and bacterial infection. Here in this brief opportunity of study, the chief focus will be on the infection in the human physical system caused by Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). These bacteria commonly found on the human skin and nose of the healthy people and have tremendous potential to infect the fresh human physical system. However, the chance of the MRSA infection gets higher when the individual is in the immune-compromised situation. This can arise due to disorders like AIDS or during the treatment of the diseases with immune suppression drugs. These are chiefly used in case of transplantation and surgical approach. Hence, it is paramount to make possible awareness among the medical staffs while engaging them in a training schedule. The key aspects of the training program are a generation of the candid medical policy for the MRSA treatment and prevention. Secondly, anther aim is to achieve the safe and healthy environment. The third aspects of the training program are to garner the adequate knowledge regarding the practical skills of the medical staffs to get them equipped with the technology to prepare a functional workforce and better treatment of the patients in general.

The entire training program has been conducted and organizes in the 5-day workshop process. In this assignment delegation of the work responsibility and the required medical kit has been supplied as well.

Rationale of the training program

Significance: Staph Aureus is the type of bacteria which is having greater resistance power towards antibiotic treatment. However, the MRSA can be described as the strain of the staph aureus which cannot be treated with methicillin anymore which has become methicillin resistant, as mentioned by Stevens, Parimon and Bryant, (2016). Now, in hospitals there are several types of the patients may come for their treatments. It is entirely possible that some of them are in their immune compromised situation.  Then, during that phase of the patient they can get infected by MRSA and depend on the severity of the infection, it can lead to death as well.

Focus: During this training program the chief objective will be generating proper awareness regarding the diseases while equipping the medical staffs like nurses, matrons, and midwives with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment-related aspects.

Location: This training program has been conducted at the Navy Hospital, Devonport. This is a government operated hospital situated in the Auckland region of New Zealand specialty area for Navy forces.