5-Learnt Things From Book Reading

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5-Learnt Things From Book Reading

5-Learnt Things from Book-reading

The book by Rothwell et.al. (2010) on practicing organisational development and change has introduced me to newer approaches and strategies that can be used in order to achieve the greatest organisational development. Ideally, the ideas from this text also stand as significant tools for organisational change. This book has critically discoursed specific models and strategies as well as their practical applications. The book suggests concise strategies that can be used to improve the processes of organisational development in the contemporary business settings.

From the book, I have learned that the process of operations development focuses on the human set of values. The assessment of the sources of information among individuals determines the processes of choice-making among individuals in various systems and organisations. Rothwell et.al. (2010) highlight the various tools that can be used to invoke the changes that bring about the organisational development. The book also states that the change management process involves the participation of the managers and executives as the agents of change. The book implores that the managers identify, plan, direct and steer the change. As such, the book notes that change is the process through which members of an organisation participate to secure the buy-in and support changes.

Rothwell et.al. (2010) explain that organisational development process assumes that the changes in the organisations cannot be successfully identified. However, the book clarifies that the involvement of the members of the organisation is to secure the buy-in and support benefit. As such, the interdependencies as well as the dynamics involved in the processes remain unpredictable. The book has also taught me about change. It has taught me on how to understand people’s values in an organisation. The book has stated that change must involve the understanding of every individual’s needs and ideals.